Well Spiff, if ya weren’t on a list before... I wonder if an ‘edge of state space’ existence ala The Art of Not Being Governed is still possible in the US. I’m not thrilled about cave dwelling like Kingsnorth sometimes hints at nor do I think proper resistance is possible from that weakened state. Thriving while invisible should be the goal. I think all this writing and thinking has us butting up against the hard work of figuring that part out. Pragmatically, actionable suggestions shouldn’t be typed out here.

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I agree. No sense advertising plans they can then investigate.

I do think this kind of space is to read new ideas and broaden the mind. Plus it teaches us we are not alone. I think that is important as a key part of propaganda is encouraging you to think you are the lone weirdo and everyone else thinks cricketburgers and living in a plastic pod is normal.

Thanks for reading.

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You deserve more reader comments, S.S.

We are facing into an electronic version of The Burning of The Great Books of The Western World.

Less visible, over a longer period and not on a linear trajectory.

Will be the subject of a subsequent essay.


Meanwhile . . .

Of Washington's lost Ukrainian Proxy War to weaken Russia and pillage its resources, perhaps the greatest and most feckless imperial play, something of a progress update.

The long and rich history of the contemporary genocides of the cultured, cultivated Europeans, The Americans and the Brits., to nominate yet a few.


Free to subscribe . . . The Dead Do Not Die.


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So, coronamaniacs are stuck with the mental model “ vaccines are good always” and refuse to consider the possible harms. I wonder what will happen when the dam breaks. Will they shrug and say” of course we knew that” or will they flail wildly?

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Dec 6, 2023·edited Dec 6, 2023Author

I suspect the mental model is more like, big government bureaucracies know best. Do what they say. Do not think. People who do their own research are dangerous peddlers of disinformation etc.

A model is a crude representation of the world that works in simple ways. For those with a left hemisphere bias the real sin is a dependence on the comfort provided by the model. It is satisfyingly simple, whereas real life is complex. It entails risk. With vaccines it means doing independent research, going against the grain and acting solo. All that is uncomfortable to a conformist. Far better to toe the line.

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